Fixed Irrigation Automation

Our fixed irrigation automation system allows the user to set scheduling for his crops and plantations and leave the system to get on with watering without the need for labour. These systems consist of central gateways that are linked to valve nodes through radio signal. Each gateway connects to the internet through a GSM module and connects to a maximum of 25 valve nodes. Gateways and valve nodes are powered by a small solar panel and battery.


The gateway check in on each node once every 60 seconds and switches each node depending on the user defined schedule. Each node responds with its current valve state, water pressure and battery voltage, which is uploaded to your web dashboard for viewing from your web dashboard, AgriSense IOS or AgriSense Android app. Custom user alerts can be set up to warn the user in case of low pressures (indicating pump failure or burst pipelines.)


Your web dashboard will store pressure and valve state data for up to two years, giving the user a useful irrigation history for each irrigation block.



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