Time-Log Solutions

RaceLog RT - This product incorporates RFID technology together with GSM/GPRS and GPS to give a comprehensive solution for standalone time keeping devices for sporting events. This unit updates a web based record in real-time whenever an ID bracelet is scanned, which can be viewed from your AgriSense Dashboard or from your own website. The time-log records can be inserted into the website of your choice by simply adding a small section of code.


All rider details and time-stamps are also saved on SD card. This unit has the added feature of SOS calling - when a rider reaches the station and is in need of assistance, an SOS button can be pressed to place a call to a race official.


The unit comes with a high definition TFT screen that displays the following information with each scan: Rider name, Current position in race, Time behind rider up ahead, Name of rider up ahead.


Also included is GPS functionality that updates the web based user interface automatically when deployed. A Google Earth map in either satellite or map view will show the location of each unit.


The administrator of this system is able to view additional information sent by the unit, including vital system information like voltage, internal temperature, cell signal strength, SIM balance and solar charging state. From the system dashboard the administrator can give the unit instruction to upload the current log file with official time-stamps, as well as reset all statistics in the machine at the start of each new race.



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RaceLog SD - This product incorporates the same RFID technology as the RaceLog RT, but without the GSM/GPRS or GPS functionality. This unit will not send real-time updates to the web, but will save all records with time-stamps to an SD card. SOS call is also not available with this option.


All rider details and time-stamps are saved on SD card in .csv format. After the event the SD card can be removed and the log file opened in Excel or Numbers, and rider times can be easily and accurately calculated. These units are a cost effective alternative to the RaceLog RT and is ideal for sporting events where cell signal is absent or poor.





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