Remote Switching / Signalling


bulb.pngImportant Read: Get more out of your centre pivots


Our remote switching units allow for sending simple on/off commands or more complex data over large distances without the need of laying expensive cable and conduit. These units are used to send information like GPS coordinates, pressure and environmental values. This signal can be tapped by other devices like VSD's and other machinery, if they are within range and when equipped with an AgriSense receiver. We make use of two-way communication in all our TX/RX units.


Range on these units vary depending on the physical terrain. Under ideal conditions signal can be propogated up to 30kms away. With dense bush the range may be reduced to 2kms or less. Through using standalone reapeater units we can extend the range of these systems to whatever the application requires. Our radios transmit no more that 50mW (17dBm) which allows it to be used without the need of licensing.


These units are very cost effective and extremely versatile - a very common use for these units include sending on/off signals to a remotely located water pump, the transmitter receiving logic from a float switch, pressure reading, timer or manual switch.


The radio system pictured here is used to relay the pressures of three seperate centre pivots to the bigger VSD control unit on top. The transmitters run on a synchronised protocol which allows for no data collisions while also ensuring the shortest update time between data packets. This complete system ensure constant minimum end section pressure in a system of three centre pivots.





In the video below we have three pressure transmitters that work in a synchronised fashion. These radio units were fitted onto three separate centre pivots to send pressure values to the VSD that feeds all three. (Sound added for effect - units operate without any sound.)








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