Centre Pivot Monitoring, Control & Optimisation

Irrigation RT - this line of products deal with monitoring, control and optimising the operation of center pivots. We make use of groundbreaking techniques to help you improve your yield while using minimum water and electricity to so do. Look at our different solutions below and let us help you do more with the equipment you have.


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RT Basic:

For the farmer that prefers remote control rather than manually setting and running the control panel we have a basic center pivot control unit that retrofits onto your existing manual control panel. The user can choose to switch between this unit or the existing manual control panel at any time. It allows you to do the following, either from the touch screen panel at the pivot centre or from your computer or mobile device:

1) View information relevant to your irrigation cycle: end section pressure, direction, rate, depth, time to finish cycle

2) Stop / Start the pivot

3) Set manual rate(%) or depth(mm)

4) Switch direction

5) Open and close main valve (where remote switchable valves are fitted)

6) "Run Home" - when activating this function the unit calculates the shortest route back to your designated home position, and will set the mode to full speed with the main valve closed. Once it reached home position it will shut down



This unit has the following functions in addition the the RT Basic:

1) GPS based variable rate irrigation (VRI): Set a pre-defined irrigation program to cater for seperate irrigation zones, defined by different soil types and/or sloped areas

2) Multiple passes: On very sandy or severely sloped areas the number of passes over each sector can be defined. If more than one pass is defined for a sector, it will first complete these passes before moving on to the next sector. This allows your pivot to make several passes at higher speeds in order to reduce run-off on sloped areas and to reduce drainage in very sandy soils.






 RT Environ:

Our flagship solution for complete irrigation control and optmisation incorporates two important features in addition to the RT Basic and RT VRI models: Monitoring of environmental factors to help you compensate for ever changing evapo-transpiration rates.

This comprehensive centre pivot control unit uses an anemometer, solar irradiation sensor, temperature probe and humidity sensor to create a real time profile of what is needed to deliver the depth (mm) that you need on your field. Evapo-transpiration rates are calculated in real-time and when the "environ" function is enabled your unit will dynamically adapt the pivot speed in order to maintain the required effective depth (mm) on your field.

In other words - in case of increased heat, solar irradiation, wind and lower humidity, the higher evapo-transpiration rate will cause irrigation inefficiencies. The unit will compensate for this by increasing the irrigation depth. When the user adjustable maximum evapo-transpiration rate threshold is reached under severe weather conditions (hot, dry, windy, high solar irradiation,) the unit will shut down the pivot and inform the user that environmental factors are too severe to continue irrigation. Once these conditions become more favourable, the unit will resume irrigation and notify the user of this.

This unit also has an automatic start / stop function to deal with high winds - this gives ease of mind knowing you are not wasting electricity and water while your crops may be under irrigated due to water blowing away. When wind speeds reduce, your unit will automatically restart the pivot.

The environ and high wind shutdown functions can be enabled or disabled from your web dashboard or mobile device.



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