Centre Pivot Optimisation


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RT Environ Centre Pivot Control:


For the farmer that prefers remote control rather than manually setting and running the control panel we have a basic center pivot control unit that retrofits onto your existing manual control panel. Settings can be adjusted from the touch screen panel at the pivot centre or from your web dashboard, AgriSense IOS or AgriSense Android apps.


This comprehensive centre pivot control unit uses an anemometer, solar irradiation sensor, temperature probe and humidity sensor to create a real time profile of what is needed to deliver the depth (mm) that you need on your field. Evapo-transpiration rates are calculated in real-time and when the "environ" function is enabled your unit will dynamically adapt the pivot speed in order to maintain the required effective depth (mm) on your field.


In other words - in case of increased heat, solar irradiation, wind and lower humidity, the higher evapo-transpiration rate will cause irrigation inefficiencies. The unit will compensate for this by increasing the irrigation depth. When the user adjustable maximum evapo-transpiration rate threshold is reached under severe weather conditions (hot, dry, windy, high solar irradiation,) the unit will shut down the pivot and inform the user that environmental factors are too severe to continue irrigation. Once these conditions become more favourable, the unit will resume irrigation and notify the user of this.



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