Irrigation Monitoring, Automation & Optimisation

Irrigation RT - our line of products that deal with monitoring, control and optimising the operation of center pivots continually evolve to address the needs in the field. We value inputs from farmers to help guide us on what is needed to improve crop yield while saving water and energy. Look at our different solutions below and let us help you do more with the equipment you have.



 Pressure signal through radio link:

A very common shortcoming on centre pivots is fluctuations in the end section pressure as the pivot makes its way around the field. Using pressure at the pump

outlet or even at the pivot centre will only be sufficient in controlling pressure in your pivot if your field is perfectly level. This is very often not the case, which may cause ins

ufficient pressure on higher areas and electricity wastage on lower areas. This can potentially cause loss of crop yield and unnecessary payments to your electricity provider.

This challenge can be addressed with our end section pressure transmitter. This unit transmits the current pressure from the end section and can be picked up and used by one or more of our other devices listed below.


VSD receiver / control units

If you are using a variable speed drive to drive your pump, you are most likely making use of a pressure signal to maintain a constant pressure in your system. Our VSD receiver units receive the pressure signal from the pivot end section and can do one of two things:

1) Simply relay this signal to your pump and let your VSD manipulate your pump. This unit can handle up to three different pressure outputs and can deliver either 4-20mA or 0-10V signal.

2) If you have a more complicated system where you have multiple centre pivots connected to one pump, or multiple pumps connected to one system, you may benefit from letting our VSD receiver units take full control of your VSD's. This unit receives multiple pressure readings from different centre pivots and with a customisable algorythm will manipulate your VSD's to get a balance between optimal pressures and electricity usage. This unit can handle up to two different VSD's outputs and can deliver either 4-20mA or 0-10V signal.



Basic center pivot control

For the farmer that prefers remote control rather than manually setting and running the control panel we have a basic center pivot control unit that retrofits onto your existing manual control panel. The user can choose to switch between this unit or the existing manual control panel at any time. It allows you to do the following, either from the touch screen panel at the pivot centre or from your computer or mobile device:

1) View information relevant to your irrigation cycle: end section pressure, direction, rate, depth, time to finish cycle

2) Stop / Start the pivot

3) Set manual rate(%) or depth(mm)

4) Switch direction

5) Open and close main valve (where remote switchable valves are fitted)

6) "Run Home" - when activating this function the unit calculates the shortest route back to your designated home position, and will set the mode to full speed with the main valve closed. Once it reached home position it will shut down



Complete irrigation control and optmisation

Our flagship solution for complete irrigation control and optmisation incorporates two important features in addition to the basic functions: GPS based variable rate irrigation and environmental data to help you compensate for ever changing evapotranspiration rates.

Our comprehensive centre pivot control unit uses an anemometer, solar irradiation sensor and temperature probe to create a real time profile of what is needed to deliver the depth (mm) that you need on your field. With higher wind / temperature / irradiation you may need to reduce the speed of your pivot in order to maintain the required effective depth (mm) on your field.

This unit also has an automatic start / stop function to deal with high winds - this gives ease of mind knowing you are not wasting electricity and water while your crops may be under irrigated due to water blowing away. These functions can be enabled or disabled from your web dashboard or mobile device.



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