Cold Storage Monitoring and Control

For the cold storage manager that needs to know how his equipment is performing we have the ColdRoom RT Tech. This unit retro-fits onto any refrigeration system and gives the owner the ability to control and monitor system vitals remotely.


This unit comes with a touch screen display where the refrigeration system can be switched and where the user can set parameter values. Our IoT platform allows full remote control as well as a wide range of user defined alarms, which allows the user to receive immediate warnings in case of critical errors or rising unit temperatures. Logged data can be downloaded in .csv format and is saved on the system for up to three years. Unit includes a backup battery which will allow continued temperature monitoring for hours after grid power is lost.

This unit offers auto defrost functionality which allows the user to set the unit and never have to worry about iced-over evaporators again. You can choose between a simple timed auto-defrost or a defrost cycle that starts as soon as the pre- and post-evaporator temperatures fall below a user defined threshold.




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