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Agrisense Profile

At Agrisense we focus on optimising agricultural processes with cutting edge technology. We drive innovation by making this technology work for the farmer.

We can help you to:

  • - Remotely control devices and machinery
  • - Monitor and quantify processes
  • - Automate various processes
  • - Cut on labour costs

In-house Programming and Production

We have full control over the production process of our devices, from design right through to installation. This gives us the freedom do adapt each system to fit our users' specific needs.

Proprietary Mobile App

Our users have the ability to access all their IOT devices from the Agrisense app available both for IOS and Android devices. Control your devices and machinery from anywhere and receive real-time updates on critical processes.

Serviceable Hardware

Our devices are produced with top quality components. But in case something does goes wrong we are here to make sure your systems keep on running.

Established International Footprint

Agrisense has monitoring devices and automation systems deployed in several countries across Africa and more recently also North America.

From variable rate irrigation and auto high wind shutdown on centre pivots to automatically watering orchards from a schedule set from our app, we have your irrigation automation needs covered.

Need to send a control signal a few kilometers away? We make use of license-free low power radio technology to send analog and digital control signals over great distances without depending on GSM networks.

Monitor, log and use measured values to control your devices and machinery. Pressure, flow, weight, temperature, O2, CO2, humidity, wind, precipitation, irradiation... Whatever you need to monitor, we can make it happen.

Do you need to regulate the pressures of multiple centre pivots that are fed by one water line? Need to connect multiple devices over large distances? Do you have a hard time keeping logs of important parameters? Get in touch and we will help design a system to fit your needs.

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